We reserve the right to end service at any time for those parties that do not follow our rules and regulations with no refund.

Barn Town will levy a $200 food and beverage minimum. The minimum fee is non-negotiable and will not be substituted for gift certificates. All food and beverage minimums are subject to tax and an automatic 20% service charge. All party tabs will be calculated on one bill.

All food menu selections will be made at the time of each reservation and count toward $100 of the minimum spend of $200 per rental. Due to timing and the execution of the reserved Igloo party, all food selections are final. Parties may choose drink selections at the time of their rental.

The final guarantee of attendance of your event is needed 2 days before your event. After the guarantee is received, it is not subject to reduction. In the event that you do not provide a guarantee of attendance, Barn Town will (a) use the original estimate of attendance provided by you, or (b) the number of persons in attendance, whichever is greater, to determine the charges for which you will be fully responsible, including service charges and taxes. If the final guarantee is lower than the original, Barn Town reserves the right to charge a rental (or additional charge) based on the food and beverage dollars originally estimated for your event.

Barn Town will charge a $50 deposit for all Igloo bookings. Upon arrival, the $50 will go towards the minimum spend of $200 for your party.

Events require full payment of charges at the completion of the event.

You agree that all food and beverage items purchased or consumed by your attendees at Barn Town must be supplied and prepared by Barn Town. It is the policy that no food or alcoholic beverages may be brought into Barn Town for a private function. We reserve the right to request proof of legal drinking age when necessary.

For a complete cancellation with no charge, cancellation must be made at least 48 hours via email barntownigloofarm@gmail.com before the start time of your event. If the guest cancels less than 48 hours prior to the event, the $50 deposit will automatically be forfeited.

Guests are not permitted to bring decor into the igloos. Nothing will be stapled, taped, glued, or fastened to the outer layer of the exterior, as well as nothing thrown or placed within the igloos. Any damage to the Igloo is subject to damage fees. Barn Town reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. The guest agrees to be responsible for any damage to Barn Town property made by themselves or their party guests.

Guests who book Igloo parties have a pre-determined 2-hour increment in the Igloo. Guests must promptly vacate the Igloo at the end of their booked time. Food and beverages must be either finished or placed in to-go boxes (food only) at the end of the allocated 2 hours. There will be no extra time to finish drinks or food. Extra time spent in igloos are subject to an extra charge.

- Up to two children (under the age of 2 years old) may sit on an adult’s lap in addition to the 8 occupied seats.
- Due to space constraints, a high chair can be substituted for a chair but cannot be an additional chair in the igloo.
- Due to space constraints, an infant car seat can be substituted for a chair, but cannot be an additional chair in the igloo.
- All members of the party must be seated for the duration of the reservation.
- Kids are not allowed to play, climb or run around inside of the igloo. They must remain seated through the duration of the party.
- Kids are not allowed to play outside of the igloos on the patio or the surrounding area.
- Our kid’s menu is not available in the Igloos. Only items from the exclusive Igloo menu may be ordered.
- Parents are responsible for cleaning up after their little ones (we’re looking at you goldfish & saltine crackers!). Excessive messes are subject to a $50 cleaning fee. Excessive messes are defined by he sole discretion of Barn Town Brewing management.

These policies have been put in place to best accommodate our guests, wait staff, and kitchen staff. By confirming your booking and providing payment information, you are confirming your reservation as well as agreeing to our current policies and any minimums that apply. Please note our policies are subject to change. Our policies may change between the date of your original inquiry and the date you actually book your event. You are responsible to uphold the policies that are in effect at the time your booking fee is submitted. We reserve the right to end, change, or cancel any reservation for any reason at any time.