UPDATED: 11/3/19

*IOWA GOLD – easy drinking Golden Ale. 4.8%

*HAZE SESH III – Session Hazy NEIPA. 4.0%

*WAGON WHEEL WIT – Brewed with orange peel & corriander. 5.4%

*THE REAL SLIM SHANDY – Lemon ale. 4.3%

*GROOVY RUBY – Grapefruit NEIPA. 6.0%

*NEON – NEIPA brewed with Citra & Mosaic. 6.5%

*ENAMORED AMBER – Crushable Amber Ale. 5.5%

*SPEEDY TURNS – NEIPA w/ Cashmere, Mosiaic, Idaho 7, & Citra. Fermented with Kviek Yeast.

*TANGERINE DRIVE-IN – Milk Shake IPA brewed with tangerine, vanilla and milk sugar. 6.5%

*PEACH MANGO DRIVE-IN – Milk Shake IPA brewed with peach, mango, vanilla and milk sugar. 6.6%

*BERRIED PAST – Imperial Pastry Sour brewed with Rhubarb, Strawberry and milk sugar. Collab with Lark. 7.8%

PINK GUAVA MASSACRE – Fruited kettle sour brewed with pink guava. 4.6%

*HAWAIIOWAN PUNCH – Fruit punch kettle sour. 7.5%

*RASPBERRY MASSACRE – Raspberry Kettle sour with milk sugar. 4.7%

BAND OF HEATHENS – Imperial Pastry Stout brewed with Heath candy, toffee, & cocoa nibs. Collab with 1840 Brewing. 11.3%

PLAYGROUNDS, BOOKWORMS & JELLY BRACELETS – PB&J milk stout brewed with peanuts, fruit & milk sugar. 9.8%

YER KILLIN’ ME S’MORES – Imperial milk stout brewed with chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker and milk sugar. 8.8%

Pink Guava Massacre
Grange Ville D’Abricot

N/A Root Beer
Berried Past

*Available in Crowlers

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